The Problem

The blockchain ecosystem cannot rely solely on the continuation of novel ideas for utility tokens, to continue to reap the benefits of tokenization. The ecosystem is looking to evolve to Security Tokens that are financially exposed to the revenue and profits of the underlying project. The adoption and use of such tokens generates new regulatory and compliance restrictions, including limitations on who they can be transferred to and in what circumstances.

There needs to be a framework that can supplement the current ecosystem of Tokens (ERC20, ERC223, ERC721) that enables a Token Issuer to ensure that its Security Token is only transferred to holders who comply with local and global regulatory requirements.

The Verified Token Framework introduces standards and procedures that can be seamlessly utilized by Token Issuers to ensure that their Security Tokens comply with worldwide transfer restrictions, thus opening up a global pool of security Token liquidity.

Contribution Process

Contributions to the VTF have already begun. If you would like to help shape the VTF in Q4 of 2018, you can participate in the nomenclature project under the Blockchain Token Association Interoperability Working Group or the BTA Security Token Survey. In Q1 of 2019 the VTF will form part of the first BTA-hosted bake-off, focusing on operability. Subsequent bake-offs will focus on multi-blockchain integrations, end-to-end platform integrations and performance optimisation. See below the link to GitHub for more info on how to participate.

Process roadmap


Whitepaper / Links

Read the full Verified Token Framework Whitepaper

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